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Trigger for failed subscription payment

If a subscription fails to renew, set x amount of days until a trigger is sent through API and/or Webhook. That way we can automatically shut down plugins, websites or whatever we now charge for, if it's not paid for. If paid within x amount of days after trigger has been sent, send new trigger to re-activate plugins, websites or whatever, to give them some sort of slack if it's human error.I.eClient pays $20/month for video hosting, works for 5 months, month 6 payment fails, client gets notified from whatever notification mail flow we've setup. I've setup that after 10 days after final payment day, the video hosting is cancelled automatically (of course that requires the video hosting to be able to do something like that).If you're managing multiple clients this will help us keeping track of resources used so we don't pay for clients use with out own funds, etc etc.I think you grasp the idea now 😁

Mistwalk3r About 2 months ago

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Brand assets shows `No name` or preview images

Hi again Masud, I'm setting up a demo account and I'm adding in some demo branding assets but am noticing that in some of the categories, there are no visuals of what the assets are. And there also seem to be some missing naming tags for specific assets. Like when I upload a logo, I can see the logo, but here the text for the logo name should be it just says "No name". This seems to only happen when doing direct uploads VS linking and manually typing in a name. See attached photo for reference https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/1002191004/9281b85a28e9a09d16aa52bd/Screenshot+2024-03-25+at+3_47_47%E2%80%AFPM.png?expires=1711398389&signature=84c9dc33158af5b6923d762a53afc5cb0a78ed5d264a4f5e66cf2e02d8eb795c https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/1002191173/649ccaac4effade9641534d0/Screenshot+2024-03-25+at+3_56_02%E2%80%AFPM.png?expires=1711398389&signature=c30a2358e1c918aa34a18fcb911f2fccb5daada8c44d32b72392f9e3b3d6449c

Adam Long About 2 months ago

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